8 - 3 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Update


We are pleased to announce the release of the 2.0 fw for 5.10B QSV pcb's. This brings the new version of the v5 QSV functionality on par with the v3 and v4 / v4 QSV pcb's. We have included a brief txt explaining the upgrade process for the v5 QSV board. The user manual will be updated shortly with this information.

For users on 4.55 using the 4000 series PS3 and the 5.10B, please ensure that you also install the JTAG adapter pcb and applicable FFC cables to control the drive cover switch. The 4.55 bypass software and documentation in the downloads section is also relevent to your pcb version.

 Cobra ODE (V5.10B) FW v2.0      * For PCB v5.10B only *


28 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Update


COBRA ODE 2.0 fw Release for V3 and V4/V4 QSV Cobra PCB's including OFW 4.55 Bypass

We are pleased to present for release the Cobra fw 2.0 which has many new features and also initial support for OFW 4.55. Whilst the support for OFW 4.55 is not as convenient as on previous OFW's, it provides a solution for those who accidentally updated or wish to use 4.55 directly on SEN. We suggest that users remain on 4.53 or lower if they wish to benefit from the full convenience of an ODE solution. That being said we are researching other possible methods for compatibility with the 4.55+ firmwares and will keep our users posted through the news on this site and various other forums.

Before using the Cobra ODE kindly refer to the 4.55 Bypass manual carefully. Please be sure to follow the prerequisite steps and ensure that you have updated the firmware on the ODE hardware properly first. Kindly note that 1 wire must be soldered to the drive door, which is detailed in the updated installation manual. The newly launched V5 QSV Cobra does not require a wire to be soldered for controlling the 4k series drive door, since it is bundled with a special adapter which takes care of this functionality via the included ribbon cables.

In addition to the 4.55 OFW support, we have included many new features which are sure to excite users and demonstrate the power of the Cobra ODE.

New features in 2.0 fw:

We have also freshened up our user manauls to make installation and detailing of the full functionality of the Cobra ODE easier to understand.

As you can see the 2.0 fw release is a massive leap forward. You can be sure to expect more from Team Cobra in the months to come.

2.0fw for V5 QSV users will be released in the following week...

Read "User Manual  v2.0" and follow Bootloader update procedure prior to use FPGA update from MCU v2.0

Thanks for your continued support.

Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.3      * For PCB v3 / v4 / v4 QSV only *
Cobra ODE MCU v2.0      * For PCB v3 / v4 / v4 QSV only *
Cobra ODE Manager v1.6
Cobra ODE Library v1.7

Cobra ODE Bypass 455 v1.0
Cobra ODE Database (28-02-2014)
Anti-ODE Security Bypass Manual (English) v1.0
Cobra ODE Installation Manual (2k5 to 4k) (v3/v4/v4-QSV) (English) v1.1
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v2.0

26 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Information


We are now close to release of the 2.0 firmware for the V3, V4 and V4 QSV versions of Cobra. We expect to release the 2.0 firmware this weekend. The release includes support for 4.55 OFW on 4k consoles and all functionality previously announced for fw 2.0

Furthermore, we are now shipping the 5.10B QSV Cobra which is more compact and runs on accelerated hardware giving faster performance. The Cobra 2.0 firmware will be released for 5.10B next week.

All future firmware updates will be released in parallel on V3, V4 / V4 QSV and V5 / V5 QSV hardware.

Photos of the new V5.10B hardware pack, will be published tomorrow.

15 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Information


Cobra 2.0 release imminent - features explained (Including initial support for 4.55):

Cobra Team have been hard at work 24/7 preparing the next firmware release for our users. The incoming Cobra 2.0 is once again a massive update and packed with innovative new features.

After the massive features (PS1, PS2, BD/DVD movies and IRD 9  support) added in the recent Cobra 1.90 update, we're back with yet more cool features in 2.0 which will be released in the coming week:

2.0 will pack these features:

We have been working on a solution for OFW update 4.55, which will fix the added anti ODE measures. The current approach will be more streamlined than solutions currently offered by other teams, however it is not as convenient as using the ODE on pre 4.55 OFW's. Our R&D focus is now concentrating on other possible solutions to bypassing the 4.55 checks. The current working solution for OFW 4.55 will be released in the coming week. We advise users to use this update if they have accidentally updated to 4.55. Others who have not yet  updated may want to consider keeping their consoles on 4.53 or lower until a better solution is available to benefit from the user convenience of the ODE on these firmwares.

We can now also confirm that only 4k Super Slim series consoles are affected by the 4.55 update.

Those who have 3k / 2k5 Slim or earlier consoles are safe to update to 4.55

Cobra ODE MCU 2.0 Changelog

12 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Update


We have successfully tested a performance update for 4.20 and 4.30 which rectifies freezing issues reported by some users. We have also implemented a fix for BMD-061 drive control boards on 2k consoles and auto eject on 2k.

Please follow the instructions in the README.TXT carefully.

Cobra ODE 4.20 Fix      * For PCB v4.20 / 4.20A only * (Non QSV)
Cobra ODE 4.30 Fix      * For PCB v4.30 / 4.30A only *

8 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Update


We are pleased to annouce a performance update for 4.20 QSV boards which remedies the freezing issue reported by some users. The performance update relates to both the NXP mcu and Smart Fusion FPGA onboard. Please be sure to follow the instructions in the readme.txt carefully. This is imperative in order that the update will be completed successfully

A similar performance update pack is currently undergoing BETA testing for 4.20 (non QSV model) and 4.30A boards and addresses freezing issue reported by a minority of users and also includes 2k series auto eject fix and 2k series BMD-061 drive controller fix. Further fine tuning of this update will be made before release on our site sometime next week.

Team Cobra will continue to strive to best support our users and deliver innovation to the scene.

Cobra ODE 4.20 QSV Fix      * For PCB v4.20 QSV only *

6 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Information


We advise all users not to update to OFW 4.55 until we have had a chance to investigate reports of an error message being displayed in the XMB after update.

Currently we have seen that users with 2k5, 3k and 4k  may be affected by this issue.

5 - 2 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Information


Thanks to our users for their patience in relation to the issues reported regarding 4.20 and 4.30 on 2k systems, in particular with drive control boards BMD-061.

We have now found the cause and a solution. The problem will be rectified via a Cobra ODE FPGA firmware update. We are currently running stability tests and will release the firmware update sometime next week together with a number of performance updates

15 - 1 - 2014

Cobra ODE News - Update


Happy new year everyone!

With the new year, comes a new exciting big update from the Cobra Team.

This is the most advanced update yet and it packs a lot of new features for Cobra users including PS1, PS2 and BD Movie support.
The Cobra Team has been hard at work in the past couple of months to bring you the MCU 1.9 update.

As initially promised, this update adds support for PS1 games, PS2 games (only on backward compatible consoles), DVD movies and BD movies support. Another interesting feature is the ability to hot swap your HDD. You can now remove and change your games HDD while the PS3 is on.

The update also has a lot of stability improvements, bugfixes and most freezing issues introduced in recent updates have now been fixed.

We have also updated the genps3iso tool, now with IRD v9 support. Both genps3iso and genps3extra have now also been released as a native linux binary for linux users. The Cobra Manager and Cobra Browser have also been updated to add the support for PS1 and PS2 games, as well as DVD and BD movies. The third party library is also updated to allow other managers to take full advantage of these new features.

The Cobra database has also been updated with 1342 total game discs supported.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let our users know that we are aware of some issues with the new v4.20 and v4.30 boards and 2xxx console models, and we are working hard on fixing the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, if your BD drive is unresponsive, use the eject button to turn on your console instead of the power button, as it will fix the issue and the ODE will function correctly.

Enjoy :)

Cobra ODE MCU v1.9
Cobra ODE GenPS3iso v2.4
Cobra ODE GenPS3extra v1.3
Cobra ODE Manage v1.5

Cobra ODE Database (15-01-2014)
Cobra ODE Library v1.6
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.9

16 - 12 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video & Tutoriel


New Video tutorial for CECHH is available:

Cobra ODE CECHH installation Tutorial  English
( thedopesoner930 )

11 - 12 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Support


We are pleased to announce the support of new 4.53 PS3 firmware.

03 - 12 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - PCB revision

New PCB revisions pictured (4.20 and 4.30A) and new version of the Cobra ODE released "QSV".

We have today released a new version of the Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM consoles.

The Cobra ODE QSV offers incredible value to newer console owners, being considerably lower in price than the regular Cobra ODE.

Since many owners do not require the USB cables included in the full Cobra ODE pack, the QSV package does not include the USB cables, nor does it include the power cables required for FAT consoles or the additional FFC cables required for FAT PATA and SATA CECHx/2k/2k1, since these consoles are not supported on the Cobra ODE QSV. The overall RRP has been considerably lowered as a result.

We now therefore offer two packages, the regular Cobra ODE, supporting almost all console revisions (PATA/SATA FAT **excluding BMD-21 BD drive control boards, SATA SLIM and Super SLIM consoles) and the new Cobra ODE QSV which supports only 2k5/3k SLIM and 4k/4k2 SUPER SLIM consoles.

Enjoy Cobra ODE on later model consoles at a lower price and have peace of mind that the QSV is fully compatible with the regular software and hardware updates!

We have now added an installation manual to the downloads section which reflects installation on the console versions which it supports.

An installation manual for the QSV version is also available.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English) v1.0 - QSV




28 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video & Tutoriel


New Review & tutorial are available:

Test du Cobra ODE
Tutoriel Installation du Cobra-ODE
( )

27 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - PCB revision

We are now shipping version 3.00, 3.10, 4.20 and 4.30 of our product concurrently. There is no difference in the MCU update files. Only the FFC cables and switch usage is different between revisions. Please refer to user manual for more details.

16 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


The waiting is finally over and we are pleased to present the 1.8 release which fix issue from the last release.

MCU 1.8:
* Increase version number and recompiled 1.7 to avoid a compiler bug which caused MCU to crash

GenPS3iso v2.3:
* Fix crash when application finishes
* Less strict IRD verification that caused valid IRD files to appear as invalid
* Added support for IRD file format version 8
* Added support for files bigger than 4GB in IRD generated iso

We have also updated the user manual to 1.8 to reflect the MCU version and change concerning creation of ISO's.

Enjoy :)

Cobra ODE MCU v1.8
Cobra ODE GenPS3iso v2.3
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.8

14 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


A new review of our product is available:

12 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


A bug has been identified in the 1.7 release made yesterday. We are now working on an updated 1.7 build. Wich will be posted soon. Anyone who has updated to the initial 1.7 build can simply downgrade to 1.6 in the meantime.

11 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


We are pleased to present the 1.7 release which adds IRD support for generating ISO's which have improved stealth.

* Add IRD support

* Fix adding more than 100 games in the video category.

We have also updated the user manual to reflect change concerning creation of ISO's.

The installation manual will be also updated soon to reflect change concerning newer PCB revision 4.20 or higher.

Enjoy :)

Cobra ODE MCU v1.7    Temporary removed.
Cobra ODE GenPS3iso v2.2    Temporary removed.
Cobra ODE GenPS3extra v1.2
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.7    Temporary removed.

09 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video


More video tutorials are available:

Cobra ODE Installation CECHA to CECHE
Cobra ODE installation CECHL, M, P, Q
Cobra ODE installation CECH200x 210x
( )

08 - 11 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video


New video tutorials are available:

Cobra ODE Converting PS3 Folder Games to ISO Tutorial
Load and Start PS3 Games With Cobra Manager Tutorial
Cobra ODE Update Tutorial
Cobra ODE Browser Tutorial
( Khalkedon Elektronik )

Turkish version also available from download section

31 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


A new review of our product is available:

21 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


The much anticipated 1.6 firmware update is now available for download.

The biggest feature of this update is the addition of the new auto-eject feature. You can now switch games without rebooting and without ejecting discs. All from the comfort of your couch. The new auto-eject feature does not require any modifications to the ODE, nor does it require any new accessories or soldering, it is now available to all ODE users, from all models, with the simple update of your Cobra ODE.

We have also added periodical polling of the HDD to prevent hard drives from going to sleep mode which made some games freeze if they had been paused for a while. The HDD polling can be disabled or configured from the cobra.cfg file.

When Cobra ODE was first released, we had seen a huge amount of positive feedback, although many users had two major concerns, the first being the use of homebrew to achieve game selection, and the second being the need to reboot or eject discs in order to switch games. With the Cobra ODE browser support which was added in v1.5 and the auto-eject feature added in v1.6, we have resolved both of these concerns for our users. Today, the Cobra ODE looks like a brand new device with a completely new user experience, which we think will make most of you happy.

The Cobra Team is the first to bring true "no eject, no reboot" feature to the PS3 ODE world for all models and we will continue to bring you new exciting features in the future.You can now grab the 1.6 update form the downloads section. Please refer to the user manual for updated instructions on how to use the auto-eject feature.

We are also releasing an update to ps3genextra tool which generated the Cobra ODE Browser, please use this version with the 1.6 update.
Concurrently, we are releasing an update to the Cobra ODE Manager which adds support for the auto-eject feature and in parallel releasing an update to the third party integration library which allows third party managers to use the auto-eject feature.

Enjoy :)

Cobra ODE MCU v1.6
Cobra ODE Manage v1.4
Cobra ODE Library v1.5
Cobra ODE GenPS3extra v1.1
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.6


18 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video & Review


New video and review are available:

Cobra ODE MCU Update And Test      Login: guest   Pass: 1234

17 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video


A new video of our product is available:

Cobra ODE tested by TPS
(The Pirates Shark)


15 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


2 new reviews of our product are available:


13 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser, we are releasing today a video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update we are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Direct YOUTUBE link.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, we are proud to announce that the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. The Cobra Team has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware update.

Unlike the poorly designed and rushed E3 ODE which, not only requires you to solder resistors and capacitors on their device in order to install their firmware update, boasts a "no reboot or eject" feature but actually only ejects the disc on 2k5 and 3k models and requires the user to manually re-insert the disc, our implementation is completely automated and requires no intervention from the user.
Enjoy the new Cobra ODE Browser available from v1.5 upwards and keep an eye out for the release announcement of v1.6.

Thank you for your support


11 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


We have much exciting news for you today with the release of the COBRA ODE v1.5 firmware!

Now with the v1.5 fw, you can create a manager.iso with custom sector triggers for games. This will allow developers to experiment with many new ways to provide COBRA ODE users with alternative methods to select games, such as a DVD video menu or our own COBRA ODE Browser.

The big new feature is the release of our new COBRA ODE Browser to allow game selection from the XMB without the need for a homebrew application to be running. We are also concurrently releasing a new PC tool called genps3extra in order to generate the COBRA ODE Browser for your HDD. Please refer to the updated user manual for instructions on how to use the new game browser.

We have fixed support for the manager.on_reboot option introduced in the previous firmware which was not working properly on SLIM consoles, as well as some other small bugs. We are adding six new configuration options to the cobra.cfg file. Please refer to user manual for more details.

Also included in today's new release is an updated cobra.db database file with support for 957 disc games.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the update.

Cobra ODE MCU v1.5
GenPS3extra v1.0
Cobra ODE Database
Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English) v1.3
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.5


11 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video


A new video tutorial of our product is available:

Cobra ODE Installation 4XXX / 4000 Super Slim Series
 ( Khalkedon Elektronik )


04 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


A new review of our product is available:


03 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


We forgot to mention that BootLoader v1.2 give you the option to downgrade MCU firmware to previous version.

03 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


COBRA ODE v1.4 firmware is now available in the downloads section.

In the 1.4 update, the maximum number of files per drive has been increased from 128 to 500 files.

Due to popular demand, we have also added support for a new cobra.cfg configuration file which allows you to set the ODE to disable the use of the manager, or to return to manager mode after each reboot. Please refer to the user manual for more information on the cobra.cfg configuration file.

The update also fixes a small bug with some HDD drives, introduced in the previous 1.3 firmware. The bootloader has also been updated to v1.2 to fix HDD support. Please refer to the user manual for information on how to update your device.

The COBRA manager has been updated to fix a freezing issue and to increase the limit of games to 500 in order to match the new MCU limits.

The third-party library has being updated to reflect that iso limit increase as well. A small API change has been made, please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

Thanks for your continued support.

Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.2
Cobra ODE MCU v1.4
Cobra ODE Manage v1.3
Cobra ODE Library v1.4
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.4


02 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


A new review of our product is available:


02 - 10 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Support


We are pleased to announce the support of new 4.50 PS3 firmware.

27 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


2 new reviews of our product are available:


26 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


We are releasing today a new update for the COBRA ODE. The bootloader is being updated to v1.1 which should fix everyone's problems with USB thumb sticks not being recognized. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on updating the bootloader.

Also, the MCU update is now at version 1.3 which also fixes the USB thumb stick access, as well as a few other small fixes. Please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

The COBRA manager has also been updated and is now at version 1.2. You can now load games without rebooting your console or ejecting the disc. Simply quit the manager after selecting your game and the manager will make the PS3 restart automatically. If you wish to quit the manager without rebooting, simply press X to discard the yellow dialog before quitting the game and it will not restart the XMB.

The third-party library is also being updated with many changes which break the previous API, and to better parse the new files available from the ODE. ODE Manager developers should read the documentation and review the new API when integrating. Also, please refer to the user manual to understand the changes to the file structure.

Note that initial orders may not recognize all the USB drives, so if the LED does not flash purple, the update may not have been performed. Use a thumb drive or hard drive which works with the ODE to install the initial bootloader update which will then fix support for all other drives.

We are working hard everyday on improving the COBRA ODE, most critical day one bugs are now fixed. We have just discovered a data corruption in the DISC.ISO file when dumping the original disc which we will fix as soon as possible. In the next releases, you can expect the following features :

geniso: IRD support
manager: Disc dumping support
MCU: PSX and PS2 iso support.

Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.1
Cobra ODE MCU v1.3
Cobra ODE Manage v1.2
Cobra ODE Library v1.3
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.3


26 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


A new review of our product is available:


22 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


Updated version of our Cobra ODE Installation Manual.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English) v1.2


22 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


2 new reviews of our product are available:


20 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


2 new  reviews of our product are available:


20 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update GenPS3iso v2.1


We are pleased to announce that V2.1 of the Genps3iso tool is now available to download. The new version solves the error relating to game updates (8001003e) which some users had encountered. ISO's can now be regenrated with the Genps3iso V2.1 tool to solve this issue.

We are now also working on IRD support to be included in an upcoming Genps3iso tool release , which will be released soon

GenPS3iso v2.1 


19 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Cobra ODE 1.2 update


We are releasing another update today to the COBRA ODE firmware as well as an updated manager and 3rd party integration library.
The problem reported earlier about the ODE not recognizing some NTFS drives was actually caused by drives using the non default cluster size. We have updated the user manual to specify that we recommend 4096 allocation unit size. Also, with this update, the ODE will now support drives with a cluster size of 2048, 4096 and anything above that. We have also added another new feature. Now our manager reports the ODE MCU firmware version. The COBRA manager will now print the version of the COBRA ODE firmware. An update to the third party integration library will allow third party managers to display this information.

Cobra ODE Manager v1.1
Cobra MCU update v1.2

Cobra ODE Library v1.2
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.2


17 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update


Minor correction for the user manul to clarify update process.

Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1b (English)

15 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Update and known issues


We are releasing update version 1.1 of the COBRA ODE firmware. This update will allow you to validate the game selection without rebooting the console. Once the game selection is done through the manager, the game will be loaded after ejecting and reinserting the disc in the drive. Selecting the game by rebooting the console will also work as before. Get the 1.1 update:

Cobra MCU update v1.1

Follow the update instructions from our updated user manual:

Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1 (English)

We also want to point out some of the issues that have been reported to us in the official support forum, and want to let you know that we are working on releasing a fix for them as soon as possible.

- There seems to be an issue with some specific hard drives that aren't recognized by the COBRA ODE when they are formatted with NTFS. While this only affects a small number of hard drive, it is a high priority bug that we will fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, you can format the drive in FAT32 and it will work.

- For some games, if the game update has been installed, the game will refuse to launch. We have identified the issue as being caused by the ISO file being badly generated, and an update to the Geniso tool will be released shortly that fixes it. The updated Geniso tool will give you the choice of using an IRD file to rebuild the ISO. It is however optional, and you can still generate ISO files without the IRD file, for those titles which do not have an IRD file, or for homebrew applications.

- If installing a PS3 firmware update, the update will sometimes fail when the COBRA ODE is installed and in EMU mode. We recommend you switch to PT mode and disconnect USB device from Cobra ODE while doing a PS3 firmware update Online or from  PS3 front USB ,  until this issue is resolved..

Updated version of our Cobra ODE Installation Manual.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual v1.1 (English)

14 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Video


Video installation have been added to our download section.

Cobra ODE Installation Tutorial 3XXX and 25XX Series 

( Khalkedon Elektronik )

12 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


Another  review of our product is available:

11 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Stocks & Review


Stocks of Cobra ODE have started shipping to resellers. We are working as fast as possible to fulfill demand.

Further reviews of our product are available:

07 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Support & Review


We are pleased to announce the support of  * 4000c  *
and  a new review appeared in forums of::

04 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Review


The first reviews of the Cobra ODE are starting to appear: (French) (English)

Sample have been sent to many other console sites and reviews will appear soon.

01 - 09 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Download


Manager  update:  Fixing an issue regarding game updates.

Cobra ODE Manager Fixed

26 - 08 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - Download


Today we are releasing  the Cobra ODE Manager + Llibrary with the list of compatible boot disc and more.

NOTE: You need to use GenPS3iso to patch your rip.

Cobra ODE Supported Boot Discs
Cobra ODE Manager
Cobra ODE Library

23 - 08 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - PDF


Our download section have been updated with some instruction manual.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English)
Cobra ODE User Manual (English)

More languages version will follow.

21 - 06 - 2013

Cobra ODE News - FAQ


Following the announcement and video's confirming the release of the Cobra ODE is imminent we have been following the discussions on many forums and would like to respond to some of the questions and misinformation which we have seen.

There has been a lot of positive feedback and excitement surrounding the device and we wish to clarify a few points so that potential buyers have a clearer understanding of the way it works and the functionality.

You can read our FAQ here

14 - 06 - 2013

Cobra ODE Hardware - The Wait is Over!


Cobra ODE has been radically enhanced prior to release! We are now entering production phase and stocks will reach the market soon. Please enjoy the high resolution and standard resolution videos which demonstrate Cobra ODE running on the following consoles:

High-Res: FAT /// SD: FAT
High-Res: 2K5 /// SD: 2K5
High-Res: 4K /// SD: 4K

Homebrew and PS3 ISO's can now be run from any OFW PS3, including 2k5, 3K and 4K!

Installation is now much easier than before, especially on 2k5,3K and 4k models and external UI commander is no longer required. Navigation is achieved via Cobra ODE manager which can be launched from the XMB! The manager allows you to select and run homebrew apps or games and PS3 ISO's from the XMB on any OFW PS3...

Check out the features and PS3 models supported below:

The following consoles are supported:


***FAT consoles (SATA) CECHL, CECHM, CECHP and CECHQ with drive controller BMD-21 will be supported in a future hardware iteration.

Feature list: **We cannot guarantee the longetivity of this feature owing to the use of homebrew app to achieve it.

4 - 04 - 2013

Cobra ODE Hardware - Main Board pictrures


We're pleased to present pictures of the final Cobra ODE hardware - Main PCB assembly. As you can see there are two switches which enable configuration of PATA (FAT consoles)/SATA (FAT CECHL consoles) and 2k,2k5k,3k and 4k series slim and super slim consoles. Cobra ODE is the first truly universal PS3 ODE bringing maximum convenience to end users and resellers alike.

As you can see we've designed everything to be connected via FFC cables directly between ODE and console or console, ODE and daughter boards in the case of the 2k5,3k and 4k series consoles. A great deal of effort and time has been put into designing a system with best performance and maximum convenience for installation.

We're working hard on the finalization of the software, stay tuned for further information....

4 - 03 - 2013

Cobra ODE, stay tuned!


Release date is a little delayed since we're ironing out the last remaining bugs with the software and hardware in preparation for release. This has taken a longer than expected due to the extended range of consoles we support.
Some pictures and further information about our hardware will follow over the next few days. Stay tuned for further info!

17- 01 - 2013

Cobra ODE, shipping February 2013!


The Cobra Team are famous for their Cobra USB device which brought tons of unique features to the PS3 scene! Now we're proud to announce the imminent release of our Cobra ODE device, which again will be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation for PS3 users.

Models supported:
One hardware revision supports all. Our hardware has been designed to both fit inside and interface with the Super Slim version of the consoles, as well as the SLIM and older FAT systems. If you upgrade at any time from a FAT to a SLIM or a Super SLIM, then there's no need to buy a new device....

Support for the newer consoles such as 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx to run ISO's will be included at release.

Game Ripping:
Functionality will be added shortly after release of the device via a firmware update. Ripping speed will be almost as fast as that reached by connecting drive to PC and users will benefit from the convenience of a hassle free game ripping experience! Rip games directly on PS3 to an external USB HDD in ISO format.

Additionally we will provide a PC app at time of release of the product to market which allows conversion of JB game dumps to ISO format, so users can simply download games from the net and convert them with our app. The app will patch additional data required to create necessary ISO format.

10- 01 - 2013

Cobra ODE website is launched!


Cobra ODE website is launched! Cobra brought ground breaking features and unparalleled support to the PS3 with its Cobra USB dongle. Now we're back with the Cobra Optical Drive Emulator for PS3. Run game ISO's from any PS3* without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. This brings freedom of choice for the SEN, original games and functionality of the Cobra ODE without hassle or complication. A switch allows user to toggle between use of the original BD drive or the emulator. Checkout the features list!

* Stocks of Cobra ODE will start shipping next month (February) *